Taiga Patrol 551 Svt Fuel Consumption • Additional characteristics

The Taiga Patrol snowmobile has several modifications, and about some of them we would like to present you with a complete review of this equipment. When cold weather sets in and snow falls in flakes, many people on our planet are in a bad mood and want summer to come quickly. But this does not apply to those who like to rush across the expanses of a large field covered with a thick blanket of snow. It is in winter that you can roll your pet out of the garage and go hunting, fishing, relaxing with friends, as well as all the various household needs: logging, transporting people on snowy roads and much more. But in order for you to be completely satisfied with your snowmobile, when choosing, you need to pay attention to certain parameters of the machine.

Any equipment on which a person moves must have a certain strength and reliability. People often travel long distances on snowmobiles, in deserted places, in conditions of snowfall and frost. And in order to overcome such distances you must be confident in your technique.

There are several parameters by which you can choose a snowmobile that is right for you:

  1. The first parameter is cross-country ability. It is very important to pay attention to the track of the snowmobile you choose; its width should be at least 500 mm. Anything smaller than this width will simply get stuck in deep snow.
  2. Controllability. When choosing a snowmobile, its handling plays an important role. There are many different snowmobiles that go perfectly in a straight line, but when performing maneuvers, they behave very howling and clumsy.
  3. Power. The more power a snowmobile has, the better, but the price also increases. It is desirable that the power of the selected snowmobile be at least 45 hp. Especially if you want to use it for dragging various weights of logs, water, firewood).

Snowmobile Taiga Patrol 800 SWT

The Taiga Patrol 800 swt snowmobile was released not long ago, for the 2016-17 winter season, the 800 swt patrol was introduced. This snowmobile has acquired a rather modern look, and differs in many ways from its predecessors. Russian specialists have modified the engine, thereby increasing its service life, as evidenced by the increased warranty, which has increased to 3 years (quite a significant period), or up to 3000 kilometers traveled.

Advantages of the patrol 800 swt model.

This model was developed internationally and received quite good characteristics. Since Chinese-made engines are not more popular, Russian technicians have achieved high strength of this unit. The engine is four-stroke with a liquid cooling system, engine displacement is 800 cc. The cooling system has two radiators: snow and air. The cooling system has built-in fluid heating, which facilitates excellent starting in cold weather. The fuel tank holds 55 liters of gasoline, which is enough for a distance of 250 kilometers.

Operating manual

In the manual, truck owners can find detailed instructions with illustrations for maintenance:

  • starter;
  • transmission and braking system;
  • chassis and engine;
  • power supply systems, electrical equipment.

At the end, the manufacturer included a list of main faults, methods for diagnosing and eliminating them. You can also find information about maintenance intervals, running-in, preservation and transportation here.

Break-in recommendations

Since the model is no longer new, used tracks will most likely be on sale. However, there is still a chance to find a new one. A new car requires mandatory running-in. It takes up the first 300 km. Running-in may also be necessary after a major overhaul or installation of a new power unit.

During this period, all important details are “burned in”, so it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • do not transport passengers or cargo;
  • do not allow driving on very rough terrain or loose snow;
  • the air temperature should be between -25 and -3;
  • monitor the thermal operating conditions of the engine;
  • the throttle should be open 75%;
  • check fastenings.

Among other things, after the first 150 km it is necessary to check the alignment and tension of the track, as well as the condition of the variator belt.


The first comprehensive maintenance must be carried out immediately after running-in, i.e. after 250-350 km. Before this, a series of control operations are performed every day, which includes daily maintenance of the track (UT).

There are three types of comprehensive maintenance:

TO-1every 950-1050 km
TO-2every 2950-3050 km
CO (seasonal)at the beginning of the season before commissioning

Control operations

To avoid or prevent serious malfunctions, you need to perform a mini-maintenance on your snowmobile every day. Before going on a trip, it is recommended to carry out the following checks:

  • check the fuel and brake fluid levels;
  • inspect the fastenings;
  • make sure that the steering, gas lever, and emergency brake are in good working order;
  • check the condition of the throttle valve and air filter;
  • inspect the track, traction device and suspension;
  • Check the oil level in the oil tank and gearbox.

All these operations will allow you to diagnose the malfunction in time and prevent more serious damage. You should also always check the completeness of spare parts and tools. If any deviations from the norm are detected, you should correct the defects yourself or contact specialists.

Immediately after returning from a trip, the all-terrain vehicle must be cleaned of snow, ice and other contaminants. Be sure to wipe dry those places where moisture has accumulated.

Snowmobile Taiga Patrol 550 SWT

The Taiga Patrol 550
is a reliable vehicle that is widely used in a variety of expeditions involving long distances. The Taiga Patrol 550 SWT snowmobile, reviews of which are mostly positive, even entered the Russian book of records for having traveled 11,000 km.

A characteristic feature is the combination of a 55 hp two-stroke power unit. With. and superwiretrack platforms. The highest speed can be 80–90 km/h if you drive on a compacted road.

The key to good cross-country ability is a smooth ride and a large contact area between the track and the ground. The gas tank contains 55 liters, which are consumed economically even when driving at high speeds. The model has a reinforced telescopic front suspension. It is characterized by a stroke of 150 mm.

The design of the snowmobile Taiga Patrol 550 SVT

includes a two-level seat, equipped with a removable backrest and a handle that provides convenience for the passenger. There is also a function for heating the handles, a hydraulic brake, and a tow bar. The snowmobile can be used to tow loads weighing up to 500 kg. At the same time, such boxing can be carried out without damage to the power unit.


  1. Length – 2950 mm
  2. Width to body – 1150 mm
  3. Maximum height of the snowmobile – 1460 mm
  4. Ski track width – 960 mm
  5. Drawer dimensions, mm: Length/Width/Height: 3080/1190/1200
  6. Front suspension – telescopic, with 150 mm travel
  7. Rear suspension – slide, with a stroke of 190 mm
  8. Front shock absorbers, pcs. – 2
  9. Front and rear shock absorbers (type) – hydropneumatic monotube
  10. Propulsion - caterpillar type, with front sprockets
  11. Caterpillars, pcs. - 1
  12. Tension mechanism – screw
  13. Caterpillar belt – reinforced, rubber-fabric
  14. Track length/width – 3937/600 mm
  15. Height of lugs – 22 mm
  16. Transmission – CVT, with modes “forward”, “down”, “backwards”, “neutral”
  17. Brakes – disc, hydraulic
  18. Electric starter - yes
  19. Carburetor power system - yes
  20. Ignition system – capacitive programmable CDI
  21. Lubrication system – joint, with oil and gasoline
  22. Machine weight – 320 kg
  23. Fuel tank (volume) – 55 l
  24. Oil tank (volume) – 2.5 l
  25. Intake - reed valve
  26. Exhaust – muffler with resonator
  27. Layout – double
  28. Speed ​​– 80 km/h

Basic options: electric start, reverse, heated steering wheel grips and gas trigger, high windshield, passenger backrest, tow bar, speedometer and odometer.

Design features

Snowmobiles are characterized by a number of design features, including:

  • Duplicate start of the power unit. In addition to the electric starter, the design includes a manual engine starting system.
  • A gearbox equipped with a reduction gear.
  • Windshield made of elastic plastic. It is characterized by anti-reflective properties. Thanks to the use of this material, excellent protection from headwinds and snow, as well as comfort, is provided.
  • Headlight, halogen type. It includes a FF reflector capable of producing a powerful beam of light. It effectively illuminates the path at night.
  • Rear-mounted lamp. Its characteristic features are excellent brightness, immunity to vibration, and durability.
  • Towbar. As mentioned above, it is included in the basic design, allowing you to tow objects weighing up to 500 kg.
  • The listed design features affect the cost of the equipment, but it remains accessible to a wide range of buyers.

Where can I order and buy

The snowmobile is currently out of production, but you can still purchase a model without mileage to order from official dealers. The price of a new track, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, is 399 thousand rubles. This figure is indicated on the official website, but it may be higher at an official dealer. When ordering, a person will receive a new 2016-1018 model without mileage.

On message boards you can find snowmobiles produced in 2011-2013 for 220-280 thousand rubles. Newer models will cost more than 300 thousand rubles.

Snowmobile Taiga Patrol 551 SWT

The Taiga Patrol 551 SWT snowmobile is a civilian type of equipment that was previously used exclusively in the army. Such vehicles belong to the class of utilitarian cars. A characteristic feature is the wide tracks, which ensure stability regardless of the type of track.

The lug height is 22 m, which is the norm for machines of this class. Thanks to the specialized design, maneuvers performed when reversing are made as easy as possible. There is a standard suspension located in the front of the snowmobile. It includes telescopic stands.

A characteristic feature is the presence of a reliable front shock absorber system. The package includes specialized ski extensions that significantly facilitate movement in deep snow. Due to the use of a powerful and lightweight power unit, the equipment is characterized by excellent maneuverability, despite its impressive dimensions.

Power is 60 hp. s, and the motor is of the two-stroke variety and is equipped with two cylinders. There is a liquid cooling system that provides excellent engine boost by reducing the thermal load.


The machine is supplied to the market with a single motor of its own design. The RMZ-551 gasoline engine has a two-stroke design and is designed for a long service life. The diameter of each cylinder is 76 mm, the piston stroke is 61 mm. The power plant has a displacement of 553 cubic meters. cm, but at the same time has good traction characteristics. Power consists of two carburetors from the supplier company Mikuni. Liquid cooling is an integral component of the engine, operating continuously in warm or cold weather. In nominal mode, the power unit produces 60 horsepower, which is sufficient for most tasks.

Design features

The design nuances of the Taiga Patrol 551 SWT snowmobile include:

  • Reinforced telescopic suspension, characterized by the presence of a wide caterpillar track. It is 600 mm wide, which significantly increases maneuverability.
  • High windshield. In its production, durable and elastic plastic is used as raw material. Such protection does not allow cold wind flows to pass through, which, in its absence, would hit the driver’s face, creating noticeable inconvenience. Double seating arrangement. It is equipped with a special backrest and handles for the driver and passenger. On the driver's side there is a luggage compartment protected from dust and moisture. Protection against such phenomena is provided by highly effective sealing of the compartment. This allows you to transport various accessories, personal belongings, as well as fishing and hunting equipment, spare parts, fuel cans, and batteries.
  • Advantageous combination of an electric starter and an emergency engine start system. Thanks to it, reliability and the ability to use the snowmobile for its intended purpose are ensured, even in the most severe conditions.

Another design feature includes the presence of powerful lighting technology at the front and rear. It is thanks to it that the ability to move in a strong snowstorm, as well as in other adverse weather conditions, is ensured.

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  • Nikolay, Leningrad region. My snowmobile has served me faithfully for more than 8 thousand kilometers. I am very pleased with the car, and have had time to get used to it. Over the entire period of operation, I mainly changed glow plugs. There were also problems with the variator belt, which had to be replaced three times. Two cooling system fan belts were also replaced. In general, that's all. The car is very high-torque and can cover long distances - this is facilitated by a capacious fuel tank. The car can tow up to 600 kg of cargo, and at the same time is capable of “dragging” two passengers, including the driver. I know that domestic cars are often criticized - but these are the people who do not want to monitor their technical condition in a timely manner. In fact, there is nothing complicated - fortunately, Taiga’s design is repairable and can be easily disassembled.
  • Alexey, Belgorod. Quite powerful and comfortable all-terrain vehicle for my needs. The car accelerates to 70 km/h, but it annoys me with noise and vibrations, which I’ve almost gotten used to - I’ve only been using the device for three months. The snowmobile's handling raises criticism in terms of sharpness and precision when cornering. The connection between the steering wheel and the skis is somehow indistinct, and this feeling intensifies as the speed increases. But I hope I’ll get used to this too. I used to have a Buran snowmobile, which is rather weak compared to the Patrol, but it handles better! I don’t understand why the developers didn’t find some balance between handling and power. In addition, the Patrol snowmobile does not have any safety, except that it has a high windshield that protects my face from gusts of wind. The engine is very noisy, despite the muffler mounted on the exhaust pipe. The cooling system works efficiently and there is no overheating. I start the engine with an electric starter - it’s very fast and convenient. In general, the car is not suitable for maneuverable driving - for example, in the presence of a large number of obstacles - trees and large stones that need to be avoided. This snowmobile is more suitable for straight roads, as well as for transporting goods.
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